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Arts are spiritually effective and painting is an efficient one

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                                                                                                                I am Farzaneh Azizpour            

I`m a freelance painter, kids painting instructor.
                                                                                                                 Fashion Designer 

About me :

I was born in Iran.

I continued my pursuit of a career in art after I received my Bachelor degree in Radiology Technical in Iran Medical Science University in Tehran (1991),

I received my MA in painting (2018) from Art University of Tehran.
I emigrated to Canada in 2020.
So far, I have participated in different international exhibition.

I am honored to be one of the 10 finalists in student expo exhibition in the Iban Art competition.

 Group exhibition
                                                             Neta art Sanat Galerisi, ULUSLURIN ESINTISI , Istanbul, Turkey,2019  

01.2019_group exhibition of visual arts association, ministry of culture and Islamic guidance(Sirous Ghaem maghami gallery), Karaj, Iran

01.2018_Art pattern, Palestinian museum,Tehran, Iran

02.2018_Exposition collective d’artistes iraniens, Galerie saint –roch, Paris

03.2018_Jokal (3rd), Mellat Paradise,Tehran

04.2018_Italy Euro expo Art, Vernice art fair, Forli gallery

05.2017_Alzahra university student expo, Mellat paradise, Tehran

06.2017_New view-dailiness, Harmonic center, Karaj, Iran

07.2017_Parma art fair, Neo art gallery, Rome

08.2017_Domination, Artem gallery, Los Angeles

09.2017_Mehr, Idil gallery, Istanbul
03.2021- shroud, crown, grey area, generation, Calgary 

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color@oil painting

acrylic painting

Fashion designer

Farzaneh Azizpour

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